Thursday, February 28, 2008

Let me introduce myself....

I am a high school teacher that also happens to be a cartoonist. I have been drawing for years, and contributed a comic strip to my college newspaper. I chickened out and went into education instead of going into cartooning, but now after twelve years in the classroom I am beginning to get the cartooning bug again. I have been working on comics that teach the parts of speech and vocabulary (as you may have guessed I am an English teacher) that will be published soon in textbooks that are authored by my old professors. Check out my stuff at

This blog is a hybrid of sorts - I will be discussing my experiences in the classroom as well as talking about the creation of comics and some of my favorite comics as well.

Currently I am teaching "Their Eyes Were Watching God" and reading the first volume of the "Terry and the Pirates" reissue series and Jeff Smith's "Bone."