Thursday, March 13, 2008

working on textbook

On a snow day we had this week I was able to meet with Anna Soter, with whom I'm collaborating on a grammar textbook. Basically, she wants to use my comics that teach grammar as part of the instructional materials. I'm in the process of revising each one, fixing all the little mistakes and idiosyncracies that I've noticed since I've created them. Thus in a short while I will have completely revised the comics available on

In the meantime, I've been reading "Bone," by a fellow Columbusite Jeff Smith. It's a huge book, but very good. A comic that everyone should read is Mister O, a simple set of tales in which the protagonist tries to cross a chasm but meets with disastrous results each time. My students find them very amusing.

The year end Comics Journal has given me lots of ideas to read. Where will I find all the time?

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